Rotor Transition Program Snapshot

  • Military helicopter pilots
  • Civilian helicopter pilots
  • Flight training through SkyWarrior
  • Company provides $23,000 dedicated towards training
  • $17,100 signing bonus

PSA Airlines is hiring pilots and realizes the unique skillset and flight leadership that you as a military pilot can bring.

Most military rotor pilots qualify for the FAA’s lowest minimum restricted ATP. Although many of you have the 750 hour total time, you fall short of the 250 hour fixed wing PIC requirement or 25 hour multi-engine requirement. PSA is partnering with VA approved SkyWarrior part 141 flight school and will contribute up to $23,000 towards your flight time requirements in order to achieve the R-ATP.

Sign on bonus of $16,000 paid immediately with an additional $20,000 bonus paid after one year.

What makes PSA’s Rotor Transition Program (RTP) different from other airlines?

Flexible – You have the choice on how you want to fund getting your flight hours, no GI bill use required. Plus you can build hours on your time, as long as you complete in 3 months.

Affordable – Partnering with SkyWarrior allows us to offer you the most competitive price per flight hour in an affordable location, Pensacola, FL.

Innovative – Offering the best technology and resources to help you transition from rotor to fixed wing.

Minimum Qualifications
Have been honorably discharged or currently serving in a reserve or guard unit in the U.S. Armed Forces
Graduated from a U.S. military undergraduate pilot training school and received a rating qualification as a military pilot.
Valid passport
Current FAA first class medical
FCC Restricted Radio Operator’s Permit
Will be able to request a VA Certificate of Eligibility via if you plan on accessing your GI Bill
Able to complete the necessary hours and qualifications under the military restricted ATP requirements within the next 3 months
Minimum 1,000 total flight hours to apply

Get Started Today
1. After you’ve submitted an application, our recruiting team will review it in order to determine specific time requirements. Then we’ll contact you outlining a specific training plan and the cost associated through SkyWarrior.

2. PSA will provide up to $23,000 towards your transition training. We’ll help you apply your $12,500 VA benefit. If you have already transferred your VA benefits to a dependent, we can still discuss an alternate cost structure.

3. After you finish flying your specific times and you complete your Multi Engine Rating, PSA will fly you to our company headquarters in Dayton, OH to complete our Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program course. During your time at the ATP CTP course, PSA will provide lodging along with your classmates to ensure you have the best opportunity to successfully complete your training.

4. With your ATP CTP course, you can now start our professional ground school.

RTP Recruiter:
Daniel Watts
(704) 497-5623


If you aren’t convinced what a great source or help RTAG is, consider this . . . I just spoke to a regional airline recruiter and even they are plugging RTAG and pointing people to this site.
-Kelly Ward

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