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Rotor Transition Program Snapshot

  • Military helicopter pilots
  • Civilian helicopter pilots
  • Flight training through Coast Flight Training
  • Company provides $23,000 dedicated towards training
  • $17,100 signing bonus

How It Works

We’ll work with you to customize a training plan specific to your flight time and certificate requirements.

Complete an application at Please make sure that you check Rotor Transition Program (RTP) on the “Affiliation” section of the application, otherwise we will not receive your application!

Dependent on application review, we will extend an invitation to interview at our headquarters.

After a successful interview, you will be put in contact with Coast Flight Training to build a training plan.

Your training plan will clearly outline the duration and cost of training.

Envoy will provide up to $23,000 toward your transition training (additional financial assistance may be available through Coast Flight Training).

We also offer a new hire signing bonus of $17,100 to be paid out the first day at Coast Flight Training. **This may take a couple weeks to actually receive.

Class Schedule

Coast Flight Training runs a new class every week. Classes will be assigned after you complete your interview with Envoy.

Program Cost

Program costs are unique to each individual and run from $3,000 to $49,000. Training costs vary based on experience coming into the program, FAA certificates obtained and fixed-wing flight hours. Coast Flight Training will provide exact program costs once you have been given a start date. Envoy offers up to $23,000 to help with the expenses of completing the FAA ratings and required flight time. (Additional financial assistance may be available through Coast Flight and AOPA). An additional bonus of $17,100 will be paid out on the first day of training at Coast Flight Training.

Coast Flight Training has arranged shared housing in San Marcos, Texas. A shared room will cost $400 a month, which includes all basic living supplies. BAH is not provided for vocational flight training.

Coast Flight Training | San Marcos, TX | San Diego, CA

RTP Contact Information
Scott Deavers
(972) 374-4761

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If you aren’t convinced what a great source or help RTAG is, consider this . . . I just spoke to a regional airline recruiter and even they are plugging RTAG and pointing people to this site.
-Kelly Ward

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