Rotor Transition Program Snapshot

  • Military helicopter pilots
  • Civilian helicopter pilots
  • Flight training through any flight school of your choice
  • Company provides a $17,500 signing bonus that can be applied towards airplane flight training

Military rotor pilots only need 750 hours of total flight time, including 250 hours of fixed wing time, to meet R-ATP minimums (non-military rotor pilots must meet ATP total time requirements). Compass will fund up to $17,500 in flight training for rotor pilots who are short any fixed-wing time required to fly commercially.

Funding will be taken from the pilot’s sign-on bonus of $17,500. Pilots will receive any bonus money not used for fixed-wing training. For example, if a pilot requires $10,000 of fixed-wing training, the flight school will receive $10,000, and the pilot will receive $7,500.

A one year employment contract is required.

Application Process

1. Apply online via the link at the top of the page.

2. Successfully complete the Compass Airlines interview process for pilot candidates.

3. Complete your fixed-wing training at any FAA-approved Part 141 or Part 61 flight school as your schedule permits, and become a Compass Airlines First Officer upon completion of ATP or R-ATP minimums.

RTP Recruiter:
Hannah Ross
(612) 713-6923


If you aren’t convinced what a great source or help RTAG is, consider this . . . I just spoke to a regional airline recruiter and even they are plugging RTAG and pointing people to this site.
-Kelly Ward

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