Rotor Transition Program Snapshot

  • Military helicopter pilots
  • Civilian helicopter pilots
  • Flight training through any school of your choice
  • Company provides $22,100 signing bonus that can be used towards airplane flight training

Whether you are a military or civilian helicopter pilot, your training counts at CommutAir. Since many rotor pilots do not meet the FAA ATP or R-ATP minimums, CommutAir will financially assist you with up to $22,100 in making the transition from flying helicopters to soaring in commercial jets with ease. As an airline pilot with CommutAir, you will be on the fast track to a United Airlines flight deck through our United Career Path Program.

The CommutAir Rotor Transition Program, along with the grants available to you, is designed to fund your fixed wing career. With the CommutAir difference, you can choose YOUR local flight school or flying club with 6 months to complete your ATP or R-ATP requirements. This will allow you to build your future while completing your military obligations or current civilian position!

Hiring Requirements:

  750 hours total time
  250 hours fixed-wing, which must include 100 hours of cross-country and 25 hours of night
  200 hours cross-country
  100 hours night
  75 hours instrument
  25 hours multi-engine

  1500 hours total time
  250 hours fixed-wing, which must include 100 hours of cross-country and 25 hours of night
  200 hours cross country time
  100 hours night
  75 hours instrument time
  25 hours multi-engine time

How it Works

Complete an application at Please make sure that you check “Rotor Transition Program (RTP)” on the “Affiliation” section of the application.

CommutAir will invite you to interview, after a review of your application.

After a successful interview, we will work with you to customize a training plan and timeline, that clearly outlines expectations and requirements with as little as 45 hours per month of flying.

You let us know what flight school is conveniently located for you and get an account set up.

CommutAir will provide up to $22,100 toward your fixed wing transition training.

ATP-CTP course provided at no cost to you

RTP Recruiter:
Myrna Rodriguez-Feliciano
Pilot Recruiting Specialist
(P) 440 779 4588 Ext. 334 |

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If you aren’t convinced what a great source or help RTAG is, consider this . . . I just spoke to a regional airline recruiter and even they are plugging RTAG and pointing people to this site.
-Kelly Ward

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