[Sticky] Reporting VA Disability on FAA Medical Forms  


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30/08/2018 5:09 pm  

Do NOT lie on your FAA Medical - apparently they are cracking down on this.

"They were charged in four separate indictments issued on Aug. 23 with denying on FAA medical forms that they had certain conditions, while receiving disability payments from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the conditions they had denied."


Wedge Antilles
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30/09/2018 2:59 pm  

Contact your AME before you go to your appointment if you think there is an issue, you may need to provide further documentation, etc. By contacting them prior to going to the appointment it is not an "official" visit and your MedXpress application is for lack of a better term "not activated." Do not lie on the form, it simply isn't worth it. Plan ahead and work with your AME to get a special issuance. Also ask him/her to try and route it through the Regional Flight Surgeon. This saves a lot of time and can streamline the approval process by not going to OKC.

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30/09/2018 10:34 pm  

Agreed. Just be honest. If you’re receiving VA disability payments they’ll find out.


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