Day one and Mustaches  


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15/01/2019 12:59 am  

Here is a topic that may be near and dear to many of you - Mustaches. In the email received concerning class dates and information you may read that "you must be neat and clean-shaven (if applicable) at all times." To the despair of at least one new hire in my class, it turns out that this does not mean you must have zero facial hair. There was a very lively discussion about this on the ride to class as a CA with a truly magnificent mustache rode with us in the van to the Employment Center. If you are interested, here is the actual policy:

Mustaches and/or sideburns

  1. Mustaches must be kept neat and well trimmed. Mustaches may not be longer than the top of the upper lip or extend past the corner of the mouth.
  2. Sideburns are not to be extreme in style or length and may not extend below the midpoint of the ear opening.
  3. Beards and other facial hair below the upper lip line are not permitted.


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