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08/10/2018 9:39 am  

Just wanted to throw out a recommendation for IAD. I'm currently using Dulles Crashpads, LLC. The owner's name is Michael who is a retired airline pilot living out of state and it is currently being managed by Steve who is an FO for Air Wisconsin. The place has 5 or 6 rooms packed with bunk beds, rent includes a cold bunk. I haven't meandered through all the rooms, the ones upstairs are the female rooms but my guess is there are about 26 bunks total but I generally only see 3-6 people staying there at any given time. There are 2 full baths and an extra bathroom sink with mirror for getting ready. The living room has a nice, huge comfy sectional and recliner with a TV and high speed internet available. There are also 2 full size refrigerators and a washer and dryer to use. Location is about a 10 minute drive from IAD. You can also pay $50 extra a month to have access to a community car that about 8 of us are utilizing currently. Communication on when rides are needed and where the car is at is done through a WhatsApp group chat. Tenants include a mix of United, Mesa, TransStates, Air Whisky Pilots/FAs, a few TSA guys (yes, the security type). Prices are a $50 deposit, refunded on your last month's rent if notify Mike at least 30 days prior to leaving, $250 per month rent. Total I pay $300 per month with use of the car.

Contact Michael at 208-721-8541 or megodfrey@yahoo.com.

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Awesome info!


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