[Sticky] Differences Guide by Eric Simpson | FAR vs AR 95-1 & FW vs RW  


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06/09/2018 6:36 pm  

Please pass all compliments to Eric for this outstanding work!

AR 95 1 and FAR AIM Differences 1

AR 95 1 and FAR AIM Differences 2

AR 95 1 and FAR AIM Differences 3

AR 95 1 and FAR AIM Differences 4

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Most RTP programs are going to require you to either come out of  pocket or use some portion of your GI Bill. Start getting your ratings now knowing that you are basically just "paying up front" your portion of training. This will also allow you to be more flexible when choosing which RTP to use. Who knows, you may find enough grants, ed. benefits, etc. to not even need an RTP. This will allow you meet R-ATP requirements and be able to apply anywhere. 


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