Rewards Credit Card

Rewards Credit Card  


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07/10/2018 6:24 pm  

What reward credit card do you use?  What card is the best for the airline lifestyle?

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07/10/2018 6:26 pm  

Good question. We’ve been thinking about the Amex Platinum but still haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. 

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12/10/2018 6:45 pm  

Good thread! 

I was a on the Dave Ramsey plan for the 15 years prior to retiring and joining the airlines; I had no credit card, only one debit card. 

After hearing of several scams/skims/fraud events, while on the road, I was convinced to run everything thru a credit card. 

So...I have 3 cards and only use 2. I have the Delta Skymiles AMEX because it is free for employees and you get a free checked back when you buy a ticket. That is all I use that card for. The Costco card gives 4% back on gas, 3% on restaurants, and less for other purchases. I use it for gas and eating out. The USAA cash rewards card gives 2.5% back on everything, so I use that for EVERYTHING else to include utilities...if they’d just let me run my mortgage thru it! 

Ive had 2 instances of fraudulent use with them, but both companies fixed it with a single phone call. 

Larry Philamalee
Delta Air Lines, ATL B737 FO
CW4 (ret) UH60, MH60, AH64, C12, B737

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