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I've attached an "Airline Planning Tool" to allow you to toy with which airline will pay what, and what happens if you stay there. Instructions and selections are on the first tab "Personal Information" (how hard do you want to work, how long will you stay at a regional, years left to retirement, year to start at regional, etc). The second tab is pay rates (blocks in green are anticipated CA upgrades), you probably don't want to mess with these except to update the pay rates.  Currently there's only one regional, because I only work at one regional.  Weird how that works. Substitute with your regionals pay rates, they're changing monthly, anyway, and I can't know what regional you'll be going with. The third tab, "Airline Pay", shows how much you should make each year based on pay rate & hours worked alone (no per diem). There's a separate block that will show 401k contributions and calculate (average) growth based on the number set on the first tab.  Again, you probably don't want to mess with this page. Fourth tab, "Total Compensation & 401k", shows total compensation (401k and wages) at each of the airlines based on when you predict moving to a major/legacy carrier. Fifth tab, "401k Growth", shows how large your 401k should be getting based on compounding interest and company contributions over the timeline you have remaining. Sixth tab, "Annual Pay", shows how much you should be making at each airline for each year remaining.


All the data here is as from APC and a few other sources (pay rates) in November 2017... I haven't updated it yet because I am a lazy sad sack. Also, I'm not sure anyone other than Frontier at the Major/Legacy level has updated pay rates since November, but I could be wrong...

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