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28/03/2019 12:45 pm  

We have now had two classes come through our program and I would like to share some tips to help you be successful moving forward.

1. Bring your A game to the interview! If you already have your A&P apply to the open position that you want, you will most likely be one of the best interviews. If you are competing for a MTP slot you better come and impress, the competition is fierce.

2. Get your FAA Form 8610-2 signed off by the FAA now! You can go to this link and schedule your appointment . If you are not on their list to test for both licenses (A and P) bring a memorandum for any cross training that you have completed signed by a maintenance officer or commander. More of you can test for both licenses than you think (Yes I am talking to all of you shops guys). In the end we are not training you for your A&P and the FAA has the final say as to what you can test for. Having your 8610-2 will put you that much further ahead of your competition.

3. Start studying NOW! There are a number of A&P testing study guides out there, we recommend ASA or Jeppson. There are apps that you can download. Here is a oral and practical study guide that I found online, our DME recommends it.

Study with other people, it helps.

4. When you are taking your tests you cannot get hung up on questions that you miss. You have to answer it and move on. YOU KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU KNOW! Hanging on to an answer does you no good and may make you bomb your test.

5. If you need help or have questions ask. We do help each other out.

If you need help getting your FAA Form 8610-2 or have questions about how to get your A&P email me.


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