A Short History Of Gin Rummy ( Free Online Solitaire )  


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The two-card game was invented by Elwood and his son C. Graham Baker in 1909. The funny thing is people in those times assumed the traditional rummy was lengthy. So, to developed a faster game, they developed Gin Rummy. Still, I think it is similar to free online solitaire games.

The Deck

The standard 52 cards are enough. The ranking is like this. From K(king), Q,J, 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,A(Ace).

What is the objective of the game

The simple objective of the game is to earn points. You can do it by Creating combinations of three or more cards. Of course, you need to do it before your opponent does it.

What is the deal

The cards are spread across the table. Every player takes out one card. The dealers then give ten cards to each player. The remaining cards are put on the table. The player who wins the game becomes the deal. Since we are assuming you are going to play with only two players. Anyone can become a dealer. For more Visit Our Blog :- Play Solitaire Free Online

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