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25/01/2019 4:58 pm  

Looks like peer pressure is getting to me and got me thinking about the plunge to the dark side. Army 60 guy here with CSEL, CMEL and instrument ratings already. Also have the 250/50/25 fixed wing minimums. Have no clue where to start from here and how to compare opportunities. From what I can translate online, I am strongly considering PSA, SkyWest or Envoy. How does one research it and compare whats best offers and packages out there ? TIA

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10/03/2019 12:21 pm  

Hey dude, welcome. 


There are many similar things, but then again many dissimilarities between airlines.  What appeals to you, many not appeal to others. 

The pay is pretty even across the board for all regionals. It's important to discern the difference of your contract, as airline pilots make a fair wage outside the "hourly" wage (this is called "soft pay").  For example, most airlines may have a minimum daily credit, or a rig.  If you only fly a 90 minute flight on day one, you'll still get paid 4 hours for the day. Some airlines (ahem Skywest....) will only pay (credit) you 90 minutes for the day.  In this example, the $2-3 difference in pay is negated. 

Second: where do you live?  If you don't live where you are based, you will have to commute (space-a) travel before and after your pairing.  This will often include a Crashpad (~$200/month) and share it with 15 other dudes in a 2 bedroom condo or house.  


As far as what kind of flying you do, whether it is on a specific aircraft CRJ or ERJ the next airline doesn't care what you fly.  What will apply is what type of schedule you can expect.  For example, (I'm pulling this out of my ass, and this isn't verified) Lets say Skywest ORD CRJ has shorter reserve coverage because there is high turnover due to trips.  The ERJ might be a longer because the trips are more desirable. This can all change on a dime.  

Check out "Swayne Martin" on youtube.  He has done a good job managing expectations as a newsier RJ bubba. 


Good luck. 


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24/04/2019 1:42 pm  

Thanks for the info. With me still being in the TN Guard, I need to stay relative close to Nashville and commute from there. Think that is going to be a huge factor in who I sign with. Met a lot of folks and got some valuable info at the RTAG convention, but I am still really on fence about which CJO to take. Envoy works if its Dallas, and PSA is great if its Knoxville or Charlotte, SkyWest is harder due to commutes and scares me some with them having no union representation. 


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