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Hey there, I’m Joey. I’ve been flying since I was 16. Got my PPL when I was 17, and flew recreationally throughout high school and college. Joined the Army after college and was branched Aviation as an RLO. Flew the UH-60M, and enjoyed a lot of what I did. Somewhere in those 7 years, I determined I didn’t want to do a full 20, especially as an RLO. While I didn’t necessarily join the Army to be a pilot, being a pilot was my JOB in the Army-one that I was barely allowed to do or remain proficient at. Each Soldier comes to a decision point in their Army career where they can continue doing the Army thing, OR take a risk and make a big change in your life. I chose the latter. I had already decided to get out when I started hearing of the opportunity in the airlines, so I did some research with other RTAGers and was blown away! Becoming an airline pilot was a very real possibility! So here I am! This group has been an outstanding resource and networking tool that has made this journey quite smooth! I’ll be starting with SkyWest in a few months and my family and I couldn’t be happier. 

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