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15/10/2018 1:49 pm  

What's happening RTAGers!! My name is George; I am an Army helicopter pilot, married with two little girls, and with 9 months out from reaching 20 years of active military service. 2017 was an interesting and unique year for the airline industry. The pilot shortage and regionals being proactive to hire new pilots, has made these transitions much easier budget wise. 

I became interested when Envoy's recruiters brought their EMB-175 to Dothan Regional airport as a recruitment tool last year.  Soon after I began the process of educating myself with tools like RTAG, and others, I began to slowly chip away at the requirements.

It has been a journey so far, and I am no where near done. I've been able to earn several ratings, from  PPL, instruments, Commercial ASEL, and hopefully I will add Multi-engine commercial by the end of this month. All this, while still active duty, and meeting the day to day grind of active duty life. 

As of this summer, I humbly accepted a Conditional Job Offer from GoJet (their RTP allowed me to start training one year out, as long as I complete my minimums within six months). I was also approved to utilized the Army's Career Skills Program or CSP to time build full time next February, which allowed me to have 70 temporary permissive days off. I plan to start Ground school during my Transition leave to eliminate or minimize the gap between my current job, and my new life as an Airline First Officer pilot!

That is my journey in a nutshell. I've learned so much,  and I like to learn of others in similar situations. The great thing about RTAG and its community, is there is no cookie cutter path to success, however, there are many tools you can utilize to follow your own path of success within this group. Safe flights to all and see you up there soon.


George Chino


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16/10/2018 8:17 pm  

Awesome George! Glad to see you on the forums. Congrats on GoJet!


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