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12/10/2018 12:17 pm  

Dudes & Dudettes,

Are you an adult human being that is trying to finish an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorates? Do you also have adult obligations like a job, significant other, family, or jury duty? Are you fueled by 'the dream job,' caffeine, RTAG fever, or some combination thereof? This thread is for all you tired, poor souls grinding out classes at all hours of the day in hopes of landing the dream job or having a backup in case things get a little freaky.

First of all, let me tell you that 'I get it.' I finished my Bachelors of Science while in Afghanistan ~3.5 years ago and I just started my Masters of Business Administration degree this year. Am I burned out on school? Absolutely. Has it been worth it? That's been yet to be determined, but with nearly every major carrier "preferring" a bachelors degree (i.e. > 98% of newhires of a B.S./B.A.) and most giving extra application points for a masters degree, I like to think there's a return-on-investment to be had somewhere.

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20/10/2018 6:32 pm  

Who are you going with?  I've really considered an MBA lately.  How did you prepare for the GMAT?  

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22/10/2018 3:02 am  

Currently grinding away at my Master's in Commercial Aviation from Delta State (unfortunately not related) to make my nine months in Kuwait feel a bit more productive. Nothing like assignment due dates to make the time fly by.. Just hoping an advanced degree helps me get the call a little bit sooner when the time comes!

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22/10/2018 3:01 pm  

Hey. Not sure I am posting in the right spot but maybe you guys can help out. I am applying to Liberty University right now, they are requesting a copy of my "military and civilian flight training transcripts" anyone who has worked with them before, are they just looking for my 759 and photos of my civilian licenses? What did you guys submit that they accepted? I am trying to see how much credit I can receive from them for my military training and already being a dual-ATP pilot. Thanks in advance. I am waiting for a response from them but just figured I would ask here as well since I havent yet heard back from them.

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Talk with their military affairs counselor of course but they likely want your ACE credits. What I did a long time ago was send them my OERs, ORB, ERB, schools and training supporting documents, etc. I also went on the ACE website and researched every MOS, school and job to see if it faves me credits for it. In the end my 20 hours of traditional study and my military experience met me over 120 credit hours. Now not all of that counts toward a degree but it helped. 

In fact when I left the Army I believe that there is a website you are required to register for which encapsulates all of your military experience into a viable credit list to hand to admissions counselors at colleges. 


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