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Domiciles: ORD, RDU, STL, DEN, DTW
RTP: Yes.
First Year FO Pay: $37/hr
Bonuses: Up to $51,000 for RTP (variable funding options for various contract lengths 1-3 years)
Flow/CPP? Various Programs with Atlas, Delta, Mountain Air Cargo, and Spirit Airlines

"Military pilots meet R-ATP minimums with just 750 hours of total time, including 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time.  While the majority of military rotor pilots have the total time requirements to fly commercially, many lack the fixed-wing component.

GoJet will fund up to $51​,000 in fixed-wing training time for rotor pilots who are short R-ATP mins.  Train at the school of your ch​oice, or at one of our pre-approved partner schools."

RTAG's GoJet RTP Page
GoJet RTP Page
GoJet APC Profile

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I just wanted to add some information for those that may be curious or hadn't asked the question this way. I just learned this from a recruiter -

Using 51k incurs a full 3 year commitment AS A FO. This is the breakdown if you were not a RTP candidate -

10k after IOE
10k after 6 months
6k after 12 months
7.5k after 18 months
7.5k after 24 months
5k after 30 months
5k after 36 months

So let's say you are eligible, upgrade to Captain at 24 months and used all 51k for your transition training. You would have to pay back 10k. It's still a good deal, I would just consider the above and do what you can to keep costs down.

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Question regarding your statement that you will have to pay back 10K after 3 years: If you don't take the last two 5K bonuses, does that mean you don't have to pay back 10K? I'm assuming the payouts you list are "bonuses" that GoJet has built into their pay structure. Thanks!


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