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03/11/2018 3:48 pm  

Hey Scum, got word that'll we'll see the details of the framework for F9's Agreement in Principle (AIP) late next week. When I get the full scoop I'll post it here and on the RTAG forum board.

As I sit in Denver on a 24hr circadian flip (these are rough), I wanted to post some interview insights that will help those going to the meeting. Frontier has always been very picky and even now, the hiring Captains hire less than half of the people that show up. My interview date had 20 invited, 8 showed and 3 were hired. Hopefully this helps everyone nail the interview.

1. Leave your phone in your briefcase. Don't even think about looking at it, turn it off. Not just silent but off. They are pretty serious about this and it will be an automatic NO if someone sees you with it.
2. There are spies everywhere. It could be an old lady cleaning the bathroom or a hiring Captain, you don't know. Be overly nice to everyone, especially your fellow interviewees. Mix it up, tell stories, get to know everyone else there. People are watching closely to see how you interact with one another and whether or not they want to spend 4 days with you. This is critical!
3. Study the gouge, especially how to calculate a VDP and the 3:1 rule. They will ask this! If you are overly gouged and killing it, expect them to go off script and ask some weird off the wall questions. Hypoxia questions are favorites right now. Understand the TMAAT format and how to answer those questions.
4. At some point, they are going to present a scenario about ice contamination on critical surfaces and your CA wants to go home and not de-ice. Whatever you say or do, DO NOT LET THEM TAKEOFF. This is also the kiss of death and will be an automatic NO.
5. Be the part. They want to see how you look in a suit or dress and clean up. It's your time to shine sunshine! Spit shine them old shoes, nice fitted suit, power tie (I like a yellow), ladies green neck scarfs are bonus points. Don't bring a backpack. Have a brief case or appropriate satchel what have you. This is a multi-million dollar opportunity, especially now, so go out and crush it!
6. Lastly, NO cussing, cursing, whatever. Do your very very best to not let the ol F bomb drop. Jokes are fine but be careful. See #2 above. I have the mouth of a sailor at times and it can be difficult to clean it up.

I hope this helps every one of you. These are pretty solid tips for not just here but dang near every interview you'll ever have. If anybody has questions on the above, let me know. Our HR department folks are very nice and our hiring Captains are amazing, but they will throw some curves and like to see how you react. I haven't heard about the format for the day across the street at the General Offices but be open, have fun, and good luck all of you!


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08/11/2018 8:54 am  

This is awesome, super happy for you guys!

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03/03/2019 2:20 pm  

This is some of the best information you can receive for the F9 interview! No1Rides4Free gave me this advice in person and it helped me during my interview on 28 Feb 19. Personality, personality, personality!!!!

  A good reference for Technical Question, TMAAT, and brief overviews of the SBI can be found at:

 Do not read too heavily into the SBI, as these scenarios are changed constantly to not give anyone group the exact same experience. Best advice.........crew coordination (including flight attendants, jump seaters, dispatch, atc) and assigning duties and responsibilities prior to starting the exercise. It’s 7 minutes long and goes by so fast!!! Last piece of advice for this portion is critique yourself and your partner (when asked) “what you did wrong and how can you improve” format works great.

  This company loves veterans!  Some people interviewing are either former military or married to military. 

  Have fun with the whole experience and makes the most out of the time you have to ask questions, get to know, and maybe joke a little bit with your fellow interviewees as well as anybody you have the chance to talk to! I cannot speak highly enough about the entire interview process, they make you feel like part of the family from the moment you walk into the lobby! 



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