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Flew in the night prior, took the shuttle to the Sheraton Hotel. The next morning took the shuttle to interview (check out of the hotel and bring your bags), there were four of us interviewing. At 0800 the HR reps came out and greeted us at the lobby, then took us back to a room with tables for a Company presentation. The presentation was very detailed and lasted for about an hour. After the presentation, we were given a brief tour of the training facility. We were given a 15-minute break after the tour and then they started the interview process by interviewing two at a time. Normal HR questions, I was asked "On pre-flight you find a tire that has been significantly worn/ damaged, you inform the CA and they call maintenance to get it fixed. The CA tells you to lie to the passengers and tell them we are on a weather delay. " Technical questions I received: Brief the KAMA ILS 04 Jepp Approach, without Vectors ( I did see there was an ILS Approach for KLCH on the table). When landing gear is extended, what type of Drag is it? Landing at night what color is the runway centerline lights? Describe a system on an aircraft I have flown. If the weather goes to Vis and you are past the FAF, can you continue the approach? What are the 4 types of hypoxia?  What does MEA provide?  When the interview was done I was asked to wait in the briefing room while they reviewed my stuff and to sign/ date my application. After about 20 min I was called back into the briefing room and was asked: "how do you think you did on the interview?" I told them there is always room to improve. After giving me feedback on my interview, I was given a Conditional Offer of Employment, was asked to pick a course date. When done with interviews, you will be sent to HR to get fingerprinted, then take a shuttle to the airport. HR will give you papers with directions to the United Medical Facility to give your urine sample. Then I was done and waited for my flight home.


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