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This is a collection of Envoy interview reports from fellow RTAGers collected over the last several months. It is anonymized, but if you would like credit please just shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to attach your name/username to your gouge!


September 2018


  • There was a technical written test. Scenario based on a flight with some technical, weather, and regulatory questions followed by a group think scenario and HR interview portion.


June 2018


  • They do both a technical and HR portion. You'll be sent a study guide for the technical portion (mainly Jeppeson plate stuff) when you are invited to interview.


  • When I interviewed with them a few weeks ago, I didn’t have to do the technical portion because they said I was RTP.


February  2018


  • The Envoy interview was easy as advertised. We had about 9 and all got offers. The gouge in the files on this page covers almost all of the HR questions. Several people didn’t fill out their packets properly and, while they were embarrassed and the envoy interviewers were a little bit frustrated, it didn’t deter the offers. Anyone who’s going soon, know what their website says, know their vision statement and CEO, know why you want to work there, and be a professional (in a suit). Have some questions for them.

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Nov 2018 - 

I am a RTP candidate with 0 airplane time. There was a group of 12 of us. Envoy will provide flights out, a hotel, transportation, and back. Wear a crisp suit. Look professional - I have heard things like you can only wear a blue suit red tie etc etc - not so much for this level. The hotel shuttle fills up and leaves early so do the army thing "early is on time, on time is late."

The first portion is a HR Introduction. Mine was provided by a Captain who is flowing in a few months. I think he said his took 8 years but they anticipate it coming down to 5. I wouldn't put a ton of faith in it. People are hired at American outside the flow and at other places like Southwest, Delta, where ever you want to go. A significant advantage that I have not considered is that at a wholly owned, there will always be flying. Places that aren't wholly or partially owned could quickly go under if contracts for flying dry up. 

The tech portion is a 30 question written test. You are given a route, jepp plates, a metar, departure clearance and a couple other things and have to answer some questions. Pay special attention to things like how long can you use a temp license for, time to submit a DUI to the FAA, etc. I tend to overprepare for these things - I thought it was somewhere between kind of easy and not too bad. You have to study or you will have significant problems. There was nothing on the test that wasn't on the study guide.

My HR portion was really non-aggressive. I was asked the basic HR stuff like strengths/weaknesses and some tell me about a time things like when did you disarm a conflict. I think my interviewer was impressed with how I had a scenario for everything. Like if they say "what's one word that describes you" say the word then jump into how you earned the description of "professional." They want to see that you're the kind of person they want to hang out with. Definitely chat them up a little bit.

It will take most of the day. You will be moved from room to room several times. HR will lose paperwork, have the wrong paperwork, not send emails, etc. Bring copies of absolutely everything. They aren't games or incompetence; they're realities of working for a corporation. Don't let it get to you if you're the only guy in the room for an hour. I was and I got the job. The whole point is to see if 1. you studied and 2. you are the kind of person Envoy captains want to fly with. I was on the fence but after visiting, talking to Captains and FOs there who seemed genuinely happy with where they work, I am going with Envoy for sure.

I was the only RTP. There were a couple CFIs, one 121 FO at another regional, one DEC with decades of experience and a couple military guys. 3/12 of us got the job - me, a CFI FO candidate and a CFI cadet. Maybe there are recruiting goals being checked off. I find it hard to believe I was that much more impressive than a 3000 hour navy airplane pilot but maybe he bombed the HR and I didn't. Maybe he didn't study FAA enough and thought he was a shoe in. Nobody is a shoe in. It may have been different before, but you have to earn it. 


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To update my last post - the HR system is what you'd expect from the military. Paperwork gets lost, resubmitted, lost, "hey could ya send me that again oh wait now I see it" type stuff. After your interview and "pre-offer" your packet has to have some FAA documentation added and go before a captain review board, then it goes back to HR. I just figured out last week that I was fully accepted. Once you get your pre-offer at the interview, you can start flying with Coast but I didn't trust what felt like a "maybe." 

Long story short, you might write Envoy off as not being interested. They probably still are though and it's fair to reach out to your recruiter every couple weeks for an update. 


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