Swift Air 737 pilot opportunities.  


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05/11/2018 8:40 pm  

were hiring over at Swift Air for those of you interested in changing out of the Regional game or do something different!

were a charter airline with bases in IWA(phx), MIA and home based. 28 737 ranging from -400s -300s and 800s. We do flying for ICE, NHL, NCAA, Cuban charters, Venezuela Charters, cargo out of MIA, casino junkets, European charters, concerts you name it!

right now we're hiring into MIA which is our junior base. 

-1st year pay $66/hr at 60hours guarantee.

-full pay from day 1

-15 hours credit paid for cbt completed before coming to indoc

-hotels provided with travel to and from training, 2 weeks of hotels and travel after OE to allow those that need to move to have a place.

-$25K bonus paid out in installments based on time in company. 

-keep airline points and hotel points.

-no training contracts.

-upgrades less than  year for those that meet 121 requirements.




2500TT waivable for military depending on level of experience, but must have unrestricted ATP.

some Jet time preferred.

I'm a Pilot Recruiter who seeks out our military brothers and sisters and sharing our opportunities. I am an Army veteran(ex 60 mech) and now 737 Captain. 

If any of y'all are interested I'd love to talk to you about Swift. Shoot me resume to bmarshall@flyswiftair.com post any questions!



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08/11/2018 8:53 am  

@b737driver Thanks for the post and welcome to the forums!


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