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31/10/2018 7:24 pm  

I am in the process to start the CSP paperwork and have been working with the Pacific Region CSP Coordinator, Mr. Noland at JBLM. Looks like the SJA now needs to review the CSP packets for individual internships before they get processed for approval. See below email from Mr. Noland.

Email dated 31OCT2018

               I spoke with my peer that approved of the Blue Line Aviation packet

and we have mutually come to the conclusion that they were not worded

correctly. In the past, the Regional CSP Coordinator or Transition Services

Manager would be the sole approval of the packet. As of last month, a

directive has come down that all individual packets need to be approved by

an SJA before you can start. If an SJA reviewed this packet, it would be

declined because it reads like an education program which is not an



               I am confident that we can still make this work but you to do some

heavy lifting if you want this opportunity to happen.

                              Attachment #4 which you sent me, parts 1-3 are good to go.

                              Attachment #4, Item #4: You need the wording to reflect that

you are working with BLA in the capacity of a potential employee. You need

to talk about hours spent shadowing people during maintenance, operations,

meetings, etc. Part of the training can reflect that you are accruing hours

to make you industry hirable as a first officer for BLA or a regional/major


                              Attachment #4, Item #5: I would use something to the

effect, "After successful completion of learning internal processes of BLA;

accruing the minimum hours to fly multi-engine fixed wing aircraft and

complete the FAA Part 141 examination, Candidate Facio will be interviewed

for open positions within the company commensurate to his abilities and

duties performed as a [flight instructor or whatever is appropriate].

Should the candidate not accept a position with BLA assuming all

prerequisites listed are satisfied, BLA will work to place Candidate Facio

in connection with Human Resource offices of Regional Airlines with needs of

his abilities. The anticipation of placement if all pre-requisites of the

program are achieved is 90%."  


               I know this sounds like we are playing word-smith wars, but this is

hugely important. Five emails ago, I sent the same message to one of your

junior Warrant Officer at Humphreys on the same subject. What I told him

was, "You are probably thinking I am being a total downer. I am. I look at

this process very seriously because you would be the first rotary candidate

to pull this off in the Army. no one has done ever before

correctly. If you can get everything done right, you will not only set

yourself up for a career, you will help out every aviator behind you trying

to crack the same code. If this is done wrong, it will only add ammunition

to the nay-sayers that fear RTP and say we are weakening the aviation



               Other attachments to complete:

               03 Employer Internship Agreement. Read this document over, this

provides the left and right limits of what an internship is. BLA will have

to sign off on this.

               02 Leave form. Make sure that when you complete the form you add

travel time to and from the training site.

               Housing: Please send me a simple memorandum explaining where you

will be living and how far away it is from BLA. This can be signed by you

as the POC, I just need to know you are covered for lodging.

               01 Memorandum of Participation (MOP).   Because you are going PTDY,

this needs to be signed off by your 0-5 green tab and then by an officer

with General Courts Martial authority. I do not have a delegation

memorandum for Humphries which would drop the signature from a general to an

0-6 green tab. We will complete this once after we can the Vetting Form and

Internship Agreement completed. If you have questions on the signature

authority for PTDY, I have attached the Army TAG memorandum for the topic.

This will be the last item we focus on. I want to run attachment #3 & 4

through SJA before we seek signatures. Once SJA blesses off on the action,

we will then move for signatures.


               These five items make a completed packet.


               If you have any questions, I will answer them as fast as possible.

If you want to set up a call, I am more than happy to do that as well. My

goal is to keep you flying all the way to your second retirement.






William Noland

Region VI Coordinator: AK,CA, ID, HI, NV, OR, WA, & Pacific Region

Career Skills Program (CSP), US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM)

Soldier Family Assistance Center (Bldg. 9059), Room 165

Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA. 98433

253-966-8116 (Office)

509-710-4918 (Cell)

312-347-8116 (DSN)

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01/11/2018 4:45 am  

That’s awesome that he is giving you so much help and guidance!  Stay after it!  CSP is a wonderful thing, I’m starting mine in a couple of weeks!

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20/11/2018 9:35 pm  

Do the attachments you posted reflect the changes suggested in the email or were those the original docs you submitted? I'm in the process of putting my packet together now and am using yours as a template.  (Thank you!) I'm in HI so it looks like I'll fall under the same regional coordinator.


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