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Choosing a National Guard Unit that Aligns with RTP Aspirations  


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29/08/2019 9:46 pm  

Afternoon everyone,

Was hoping for some insight for those military members who have experience with Rotor Transition Programs. 

For some background I am currently searching for National Guard units where I might want to serve as a commissioned Aviation Officer.  Looking waaaay ahead, I have begun to research the possibility of applying for an RTP and flying for a regional airline for my civilian job once I hit the required 500 hours of rotary wing time. One thing I have been wondering about has been how the hiring process goes once you are trained up enough to apply to the major airlines. Mainly, if I should choose an NG unit now that aligns with the major hubs these airlines operate in. I’ve been told that due to seniority new pilots at major airlines have little to no say as to what hub they will be based out of. It would be a bummer to choose a unit such as 40th CAB in Fresno and then get assigned to Newark by United. 

I know I’m asking a question that is about 10 steps ahead of my current situation, but with IST’s being a headache and having an 8-year obligation to the Army, I figured I’d try and at least be somewhat strategic when making these choices ahead of time.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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