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Do you have a resumé example you would be willing to send to us? Send a redacted version in PDF format to Thank you!

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1 thought on “Airline First Officer Resumé Examples”

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    Some general resumé suggestions from the inbox:

    -1 Page maximum for the resume
    -1/2 inch margins are acceptable in aviation.
    -Include a backup phone number (if able) in order to maximize their ability to reach you.
    -Linkedin isn’t used very much in aviation, so not required to include on resume.
    -Utilize multiple columns to help save space.
    -Most items should be in the When, Where, What format.
    -Experience paragraphs should be 3-4 lines maximum.
    -No bullet points due to electronic scanners inability to read it.
    -Include all relevant time in the time section.
    -Aircraft Qualifications should be included in the experience section.
    -Make sure to have a “Prior to” section to include missing time (account for time between schooling, military, and current job)
    -In the education section include any clubs, jobs, sports, honors, etc to show you were just going to school… also include your GPA.
    -Special training should be relevant training for the job

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